Marie & Lee Apparel & Accessories 
Meet Marie & Lee
I am a step-mom to a beautiful "bonus" teenage daughter Kennedy Marie, whom I have known since she was 2 years old. I became a first time biological mom to Mason Lee in 2016. I named my shop after them because my style is inspired by my biggest journey in life! Motherhood.
From Corporate to Confident

I have always been a plus sized woman as long as I can remember. I used to hate clothes shopping! It seemed like it was almost impossible to find clothes that I loved that came in my size. Many times, I would just settle for anything that fit me, regardless of the fact that I did not love the way it looked on me.

It took a long time to feel confident in my own skin & love myself for the way I looked on the outside. Becoming a mother for the first time really helped me accept myself more. How could I not love my body after it just did such an amazing thing like create another human life? Do I still have my insecurities? All the time! Could I stand to lose 10 pounds? Absolutely! And I struggle with it everyday! But then I remind myself on the daily I have a little human to raise and he needs a mama that loves herself enough so that she can love him. 

I left my corporate job in 2017 after 6 years to find sanity and chase a dream of being more present in my son's life. I started my own at home business with a popular direct sales company called LuLaRoe. At first, I couldn't really pinpoint my purpose for doing what I was doing, I just knew I loved the clothes. I quickly discovered that I loved connecting with other women and feeling their joy and excitement waiting to try on that dress or top for the first time. What started out as just wanting the opportunity to spend more time with my son quickly turned into a bigger “WHY” which was spreading joy and happiness through style. I ended my journey with LuLaRoe after 7 months to have more control over my style options, started this indie boutique in March, 2018 as a birthday gift to myself and the rest is happy history. 

Our Style

You don’t have to be a mom to love our clothes but the pieces I carry are inspired by becoming a mom. My outlook on clothing & fashion changed when I became a mom. I wanted comfort, yet still wanted to look like I had it together even when most times I did not! I wanted something quick to change into before my son busted through the door needing something. I wanted something that didn’t accentuate my “mom tummy” but I didn’t want to look like I was wearing a grocery bag because I still had a husband that I wanted to look nice for. These clothes are for all those momma’s out there just surviving one cup of coffee at a time doing their best to raise beautiful, screaming little humans. I see you!